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We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.  ~~Helen Keller

What is a Career Coach?

paralegal coach resume cover letter networking law firms bert binder
paralegal coach networking resume cover letter bert binder

A Career Coach is a resource for you that has the expertise to help you get focused, assist you in developing a productive job search strategy, increase your knowledge and skills, overcome obstacles, and keep you motivated in pursuing your career interests.  I have a diverse and extensive background in the Paralegal Career field and can provide personalized services specific to your career and can help you to achieve your goals.  

A Career Coach can assist you with:


  • Identifying specific paralegal career options

  • Developing strategies for job searching

  • Improving your resume

  • Writing better cover letters

  • Enhancing your interviewing skills

  • Preparing for a Behavioral Interview

  • How to answer the difficult or inappropriate interview questions

  • Staying motivated to find your ideal job

  • Finding the best resources for career opportunities

  • Learning how to Network effectively

  • Identifying the key skills and knowledge required of paralegals

  • Negotiating job offer compensation/benefits

  • Determining if a job offer is right for you

  • Preparing for telephone interviews

  • Understanding law office technologies

  • Finding Entry Level law office jobs

  • Finding career options available for those with paralegal skills and experience

  • Effectively using social media

  • Identifying and improving your soft skills


A Career Coach DOES NOT:


  • Provide Career Assessment Testing

  • Prepare Your Resume For You

  • Write Cover Letters For You

  • Provide General Career Counseling 

  • Administer the Myers Briggs Type Indicator Personality Inventory

  • Find A Job For You

  • Guarantee That You Will Find a Job

  • Provide Temporary Job Placement


Paralegal career resume interviewing cover letters networking

I am passionate about helping individuals purse their paralegal career options and have had the opportunity to work for many years with those who are at different stages of their career journey. I am committed to a professional relationship with my clients based on integrity, excellence, respect, perseverance and confidentiality.

paralegal coach resume networking advice law firm interviewing bert binder
paralegal coach career resume cover letter bert binder
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