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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  ~~Mark Twain

Professional assistance and information personalized to your career and your specific objectives.  All coaching sessions are a minimum of one hour and customized to your areas of interest.  Multiple topics can be covered in one session.   This affordable service can be scheduled at your convenience. Please do not pay for a session until you have contacted me to provide me some preliminary information about your career objectives.

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How Much Is a Coaching Session?   A One Hour Session is $95.00.  If you schedule an additional session(s) within 30 days of your first session, the additional session(s) is discounted to $85.00.

Special Student Rate:  A one hour session is $80.00 and any follow-up session(s) scheduled within 30 days is $75.00.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

What To Expect

Send me a message using the form on the Contact page detailing what topics you would like to cover in a one hour session and the preferred time and day you would like to schedule the session.


I will respond to your message and confirm the date and time of your one hour session.  I will ask you to provide some additional information that will help me to prepare for our session so that I can address issues specific to your situation and areas of interest.  

Once we have established the day and time for your coaching session, you will need to pay for the session at least 72 hours prior to that session using the Pay Now button below. 

Once payment is received, there are NO REFUNDS.

You can contact me at least 48 hours in advance of our scheduled session to request to reschedule the session one time due to exigent circumstances. 



Select A Session On The Drop Down Menu and then Pay Now

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EMPLOYERS/RECRUITERS: Contact me if you would like to submit a Job Posting for my Career Coach eNewsletter : only $15 per posting

Possible Coaching Session Topics
  • Review, evaluation and recommendations for improving your Resume

  • Review, evaluation and recommendations for improving your Cover Letters

  • Developing your Career  and Job Search Strategy

  • Identifying your strengths and areas for improvement to achieve your Career Goals

  • Law office and courtroom Technology

  • Job Interviews (Phone Interviews; Behavioral Interviews; Common Interview Questions; Difficult Interview Questions)

  • The most effective ways to Network

  • Determining if a Job Offer is Right For You

  • Negotiating salary and benefits

  • Career Opportunities other than law firms and government agencies

  • Information you need to know if you are making a Career Change

  • Continuing Legal Education

  • The Cultural differences between large and small law firms, and government jobs


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